I remember the first time I watched the entire Star Wars movies. It was at the YMCA and I was a part of this awesome comic book club. There’s was about 10 or so in the group and I suck at drawing and don’t get me started on my handwriting. But I loved to draw and color, I always hated crayons, color pencils are the way to go. Okay, I love art got it, I digress.

This awesome, funny, always happy guy Scott worked at the daycare and he I mean is one of the coolest guys I knew. (I haven’t seen him in forever.) We all gathered around the TV set up in the back with the N64 and sat and watched one of the best Movies series of all time. It got my brain flowing and kept me drawing and writing. I would stay up late at night and draw the best comic book ever made “Super Dog” (I know very original) and his arch nemesis was this Big Fat Cat.

Then I’d end up making the sequel “Super Cat” (I know the best name ever right). Super Dog and Super Cat would team up again to defend the world from the big fat cat. When we fished with our comics the club was over. Scott got a raise and I didn’t see if around a lot anymore, but one thing he did give me was his stack of comic books, I mean he gave us two boxes filled up to the top with comics.

I don’t know why he chose to give us all of them, it may have to do with me trying to start the club back up again but That is one thing I will never forget. The YMCA was one of the best times of my childhood.

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