About Me

The Short Version

Dylan Lepore is a hustler, multi-media professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, and a gamer forever. He was The Tartan’s first-ever freshman editor-in-chief and founded The Part-Time Gamer, a media services shop.

The Long Version

Dylan Lepore is a freelancer for hire and the editor-in-chief of The Tartan, Radford University’s student-run newspaper, an on-campus newspaper producing 22 papers a school year with an active website and community following.

In addition to running The Tartan, Dylan also serves as the web designer, brand designer, and Student Media Lab Tech Manager for Highlander Student Media, the organization that houses The Tartan. While also serving in multiple roles as a freelance writer, photographer, consultant, and web designer for numerous small businesses and non-profit organizations across the world.

Dylan created his self-brand, The Part-Time Gamer, as with everything else he does, Dylan can only delve into his passion for videogames part of the time, as the other part is writing, video production, and podcasting about videogmaes, technology, brands, and businesses. He has created a YouTube channel with over 60,000 views covering videogames and two weekly podcasts: the Monday Morning Playstation Podcast and the Thursday Afternoon Games Chat.

Dylan has spoken at CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention in New York on Building Bridges, Not Silos in Student Media, and at Radford Univerity’s Virginia Association of Communication Arts & Sciences: Redrawing Boundaries on Using Students in Media to Redefine Perspectives of Communication Boundaries.

Throughout Dylan’s time at Radford University he has won multiple awards and scholarships earning Outstanding Sophomore & Junior in Media Studies of the Year, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Balanced Man Scholarship, Blake Edward Fought Student Media Scholarship, Cap Kehs and Ted McKosky Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Cinematic Arts, Dean’s List, The Tartan’s Staff’s Choice of the Year, and The Tartan’s Web Designer of the Year.

Dylan’s creative, innovative, and entrepreneur thinking keeps him motivated and steadily building up his skills as a leader, creator, student, teacher, writer, and multiple media producer. He regularly invests his time in videogames, branding, building businesses, and creating a fun, sustainable, and creative lifestyle for himself and others.

Dylan is currently obtaining a BS in Media Studies with a Construction in Journalism, and two Minors in Entrepreneurship and the Cinematic Arts Interdisciplinary at Radford University with an expected graduation date of December 2020.

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