The Part-Time Gamer? Who’s that?

The Part-Time Gamer is me. Dylan Lepore.

It represents that my job as a videogame journalist does not mean just playing videogames all day long, which is rare; it is creating videos, writing news/editorial articles, recording podcasts, and most of making sure that I stay up to date with everything videogames, even if it is not PlayStation related.

It also represents my job as a student and how I am learning every day, and that I am actually in college, and college does a good job of keeping me busy with five classes, two jobs, and one of the jobs being the Editor-in-Chief of the school’s student-run weekly newspaper, the Tartan.

I knew that I never needed to go to college to become a videogame journalist because I was already freelancing for videogame news outlets before I went to college, but now that I am here, I have access to way more technology and resources to aid me in my journey.

Realistically I only play videogames for a couple of hours a day or not at all, and that might even be for a whole week. It depends on how much content, school work, and “work work” I need to get done first.

Lastly, I feel some people do not understand what I do and I hope this clarifies it.

So, what’s the “news” in videogames?

Well, I will tell you in the most straightforward way possible; a list!

  • Think about a videogame journalist as a sports journalist. In sports journalism, the game itself is the focus of the news which they write about.
  • The players are the characters in the game that we talk so much about because of that “epic” thing they did.
  • The coaches and everyone else involved in setting up the game are the designers, writers, directors, animators, voice actors, publishers and so on and so forth.
  • The different kinds of sports like football, basketball, and baseball are the videogame companies/major developers in making their games happen.
  • The minor leagues or college level sports are indie videogame companies/developers.
  • The Major professional sports leagues such as NFL, MBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS are Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Atari and many more.

So, with that list, I hope you now understand what the “news” is in videogames or anything for that matter. Just because you do not know anything about something does not mean there’s nothing to talk about or that it is not newsworthy.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my new logo change. I feel that it personally speaks to me in more ways than one and we’ll just see where I’ll go from here.

Thanks for reading,

Dylan Lepore, The Part-Time Gamer.

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