Rabbit Hole: My 400 Writing Prompts

*If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you’d find? 2/400*

If I fell down a rabbit hole, I wouldn’t expect some Alice in Wonderland type LSD crap. It would be dark, but not scary dark. Dark enough where I could see a light, but it would be at a distance. Always … at a distance.

I would walk to this light, but it would never get closer, but I would know that it’s always there. That inner hope of what if or what could be something brilliant (*side note: I don’t use the word “brilliant” enough, so there).

There would be no one else with me but myself. No one I’d find on my travels. No one I must talk to. No door to pass. It’s just me and my inner thoughts. I wouldn’t become mad, just alone but as long as the light is there … I’d be fine. Content. Calm. Hopeful.

It would be a challenge, but I would keep walking no matter what because down there it’s almost as time froze, but I’d keep moving. One has to keep moving. Where else would I go? What good would be complaining about my predicament? If I’m at the bottom of the bottom, the only place I could go is up … forward. To the light.

Somehow I knew I’d be fine, and so the light never went out.

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