Letter From the Editor: The Rebuilding Year

One semester, four months, 12 newspapers and over 200 hours of perseverance, determination, and creativity.

That is a lot of time one editor-in-chief/full-time student can put into a newspaper such as this, and it was all worth it. Every long Tuesday night making the paper for Wednesday and every meeting I ever had with peers, staff, faculty, and professors. It was a lot to learn, and I learned it fast, well as fast as I could.

Wrapping up Spring 2018

The Tartan has flourished this semester than it ever has before. Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, The Tartan is reborn. Started with our entirely new website at rutartan.com, then expanding the newspaper to reach 12 pages, creating new jobs and positions, making the publication available to everyone anywhere by making it digital on Scribd, and lastly growing the distribution from 7 to 26 current locations all in a single semester.

However, I could not do it without you, and anyone who has ever written, edited, took pictures, drew comics, or even delivered for The Tartan. I may decide what goes in the paper, but ultimately it is up to the ever diverse community of Radford students who do the hard work that my team and I put together.

This Quest Edition is meant to show off The Tartan’s best work of the 2017 – 2018 school year at Radford University to current students and future students of Radford, which might be you. The majority of articles written in this paper are older and may be outdated regarding facts. Any new articles written for this issue will be noted by an asterisk (*) next to its headline.

If you are interested in joining The Tarta,  head over to rutartan.com/wordpress/contact/ or our Facebook page for open positions.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

Enjoy Quest and enjoy this issues!

All my best,
Dylan Lepore
Editor in Chief

*This article originally published on The Tartan*

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