Articles I’ve Written That Are Not Published on This Site

Due to contractual agreements, some of the articles that I’ve have written can not be published on my site.

So, I have linked them below. Thanks for reading, and enjoy! 🙂

  1. Toys”R”Us Returns With Retail-As-A-Service in New Smaller Stores | The Nerd Stash
  2. PlayStation Vita Update 3.71 Surprisingly Boosts Security | The Nerd Stash
  3. The PlayStation Vita Is STILL The Best Place To Play Indie Games | The Indie Game Website
  4. Ubisoft Announces for Honor Closed Beta Starting on 26th-29th January | Game Watcher
  5. Nintendo Switch Controller Finally Gets a Headphone Jack | The Nerd Stash
  6. 16 Player Party-Chat Arriving in PS4 System Software Update This Month | The Nerd Stash
  7. Get the PlayStation Classic Now for Only $20 | The Nerd Stash
  8. Lyra, New Dedicated Handheld for Classic Games | The Nerd Stash
  9. Bungie Apologizes for Changing Launch Window for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Ther Nerd Stash
  10. The ESA Are Disclosing All Drop Rate Odds in Loot Boxes by 2020 | The Nerd Stash
  11. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Wireless Controller Coming for the Switch | The Nerd Stash
  12. (Awesome future article)

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