7 Skills You Need To Be an Entrepreneurial Multimedia Professional

In No Particular Order A Good Eye for Design, Layout, and Detail Art is subjective; however, knowing how to grab attention and make something clean, coherent, and relatively likable to the general public (or even a niche one) is hard to do.  I always have liked art but never considered myself an "artist." Once I …

Current Thoughts: Not Making My Bed

Currently, I am sitting in a beat-up chair, in blue shorts, in my tiny room typing on a MacBook Pro, lent to me for being editor-in-chief of The Tartan, Radford's Student-Run newspaper. The Mac sits on the top of an old typewriter I received as a gift last Christmas from my mom, my high school diploma plaque, and my dead iPad.

Be as Dedicated as a Lighthouse Keeper

Image if you were the lighthouse keeper and had to climb up and down that lighthouse for an entire year? I only did it twice. Let’s do the math: 514 steps are the total number of steps you would have to climb up and down, and 365 days are in a year, so therefor 514 x 365 = 187,610 steps you have to go up and a down each year.


Now, I am by no means a lover of all things books and I don't read every single day; however, I appreciate what I can learn from them that videos, podcasts, and films can't tell me.


So, my last "weekly" update was on June 1, 2019, and I haven't really gotten everything down packed yet. But that's okay, and I'm happy with okay.


Welcome to the end of the second week of Summer. The days seem like they're flying by ... probably because of all the endless social media feed scrolling. That stuff is honestly addictive.