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DragonFly Games

Launched: February 19, 2019

Launch Project (6)

The Journey 

Absolutely amazing job! Our website turned out much better than I ever could have expected. Easy to work with and always professional and personal with amazing attention to detail. Expert advice and knowledge to make our website an amazing experience. Our site is our companies home and Dylan made our home beautiful, clean, and a reflection of our company! – Jay Cameron, DragonFly Games Studio

Working with DragonFly Games has been one of the best freelance experience I have ever had in my years running The Part-Time Gamer.

In The Beginning

Jay Cameron, Project Lead, initially reached out to me because they were looking for written copy to promote their upcoming game Beyond the Oaks and to share their development process. The copy was meant to help as a guide for other indie developers to share their imagination with the rest of the world.

Jay then realized that I also provide web design services. He started working on a website using Webflow, which at the time I never worked with, but Jay liked the e-commerce features and the other tools they provide.

So, thus work began. I took inspiration from other developer sites such as Campo SantoBungie, and Insomniac GamesWebflow University was also a big help; however, I still Googled and YouTubed for a lot of questions.

After working with Webflow for the past four months, it far out complicates WordPress and Wix, but anything is better than Wix.


The site was created from the ground up starting with a blank canvas.

The website features a Home Page, Beyond the Oaks Page, About/Contact Us Page, and a Store. The video tab directs to their YouTube channel, and the Blog is hosted on Medium due to convenience, time, and money.

Working with Webflow’s e-commerce tools was a challenge at first because of how unfamiliar I was to its mechanics. Through trial and error, I managed to create a clean shop that represents DragonFly Games and the products they provided.

The site was designed to be one thing: a showcase of their work, not blocks of text.

For users on desktops, tablets, or smartphones the website is set up for each device so the desktop version is not made for the smartphone and vice versus.

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