Dustin Staples: Staples Weather Website

Dustin Staples: Staples Weather

Launched: February 23, 2019

Launch Project (6)

The Journey 

Dylan did a great job and helped out with my website design. Lepore has also provided advice on some of my websites and photography when taking pictures. ― Dustin Staples, Staples Weather

Dustin Staples came to The Part-Time Gamer wanting a website that was simple, easy to use, low cost, and that would show off his work as a Professional Weather Analyst.


Dustin’s website features a Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, Several Blog Archives, and a link to his YouTube channel, which features more than 500 videos on weather, amongst other things.

The website was built using WordPress.com with the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme, all at no cost.

The hope is to use this website as a base to build Dustin’s weather portfolio so, in the future, he can move the site over to WordPress.org, where he can add features to the site such as a radar, daily automated forecast, a 7-day week weather forecast, and a function to showcase his weather videos easily.

The Forecast

Dustin wants his site to be a prominent place people can come to for weather analysis, their daily weather fix, gain knowledge about the weather around the world, and even listen to interviews with interesting people.

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