UPDATE 5/19/19

Well guys, it has been a great start to my first Summer week. I have made three videos, two podcasts, and four articles, plus my weekly Instagram post.

I have also continued to update my website, write up a freelance contract, and narrow down what I do and how I do it. It’s pretty cool, and I’m starting to get more and more clients to help them build something awesome!

As I’ve been working and working, of course, you get into a funk, which I always try shaking off by doing something outside of my box of this laptop and chair. However, I love that I get to cover videogames, take photos, and build websites for a living – it drives me to do more and do it better.

I had Chinese last night with the Fortune cookie stating, “No-one is ever too old to learn, but many people keep putting it off anyway.”

Simply put, if you want to do or make something … just do it and do it now!

Nobody has the answers, and nobody takes the same path, the people who get to where they want to be, got there by putting in the work and not listening to the voice in the back of their head saying “what if,” “we gotta wait,” “now isn’t the right time,” or “you’re not good enough.”

LIFE IS HARD, but you can make it easier.


Dylan Lepore

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