Top 10 Things on My Bucket List: My 400 Writing Prompts

*Name the top ten things on your bucket list 3/400*

This list is in no particular order:

1) Writing Daily

Writing is important as it is one of the best ways to convey thoughts, feelings, emotions, and allowing the reader to pick through a person’s process, and the only way to improve this skill is by practicing it daily. It’s the same as if you were learning how to play basketball or the snare drum. Each shot taken, each snare hit, or every word expressed on paper is another step closer to “perfecting” the art form.

It’s important to me, as a person whos spelling isn’t the greatest, that I at least do it for 30 days. It’s a daunting task saying something like this, or even for more than 30 days, but I know that the more I do, the better I’ll get. That’s that.

2) Visit All 50 States and Explore Outside the U.S.

My reason = I have one life, so make the best of it.

3) Write for a Company That Relates to Videogames in Some Way

This has been my passion since 2013 to be able to work within the industry writing for Gamespot, IGN, Polygon, etc. or working with a developer or publisher.

It’s the drive to accomplish this one goal of mine that pushes me to do everything I do. The websites, articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and my college education has all happen because of my drive to work in videogame media.

To get where you want to go, you must learn about every branch that’s attached to that field, even if some of the branches you may not be as interested in as others. Skill, talent, exposure, and knowledge is what you need to succeed in any chosen field, plus the journey is hard, but it sure is a lot of fun!

4) Live in a Big City

Living in the country or suburbs has its benefits, but for me and where I want to go it doesn’t help; however, I do acknowledge that this is 2019 and I would say that I’ve made it pretty far with just a laptop and an iPad. The thing is, that’s where the companies are, and it’s much better to talk with people face-to-face than by constant email or phone call.

Also, I just love the vibe of an always bustling city.

5) Read More (at Least an Hour a Day)

I love when people put things into perspective, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he said that if you read one hour a day, that is 365 hours = 15 days = two weeks of straight reading a year, thinking of how much you can learn with this much time, or better yet, how many books you could read!

Crazy right!

So, this is something that I want to do. I currently read self-help books on writing, videogames, entrepreneurship and more but if I can simply sit down and enjoy a good story that I can learn from, it could do wonders for my creativity, expression, comprehension and not to mention that thing I said about my spelling.

6) Create a Sustaining Business

For now, I have created my self-brand as Dylan Lepore and “The Part-Time Gamer” plus building back up Radford University’s student-run newspaper The Tartan, however, the key word here is “sustaining” and if I can figure out the method of making that happen, well … I’d be a happy camper.

7) Learn How to Code

There are many tools out in 2019 that don’t require you to know any code, but if you want to build something that hasn’t been done before, at least on the internet (which is kind of hard since there are no more original ideas), it requires coding knowhow or at least just knowledge on how basic coding works and how to build on that.

Easier said than done. However, I’m up for the challenge!

8) Get an Article or Photograph in an Official Magazine

This would just be plain awesome!

Now, I currently run a 12-page newspaper, and I’ve been in a student magazine, but being in a national magazine “would just be plain awesome,” as I mentioned before.

9) Be Consistent on YouTube and Podcasting


10) Find a Mentor

If I am honest, I didn’t know what to put for number 10, but I think finding a proper mentor that I can learn from and talk to is a great asset in any field.

The key is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you because it will push you to do more and be better (or what those young whippersnappers say, “Get Good”).

So, there it is: My top 10 things on my bucket list.

I hope you liked this blog and found it insightful and may be helpful for you – I’d love to know what’s on your bucket list in the comments!

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