“Okay” – A Short Story

One day I was sitting around the house just minding my own business, and a guy came through my window. I couldn’t comprehend the situation at all, and I was scared. I kept yelling and screaming but nothing. He was just lying there unconscious, and next thing I know, two guys wearing all-black clothes climbed through my window.

They weren’t wearing suits, but they seemed professional at whatever they were doing. As they were picking up the unconscious man, I backed up into a wall behind me, just making sure I don’t fall. My mouth wide open, not saying a word, but just in sheer shock at what I was seeing.

The men in black (not the alien movie guys) start to leave along with the body. Staring out of the window I see them put the man in a gray car. Couldn’t see the license plate, but they have money! One of the guys in black came back walking very fast towards me. I didn’t know what to do other than stay put with my eyes wide open, hoping he doesn’t grab me, kill me, whatever.

He handed me a folded paper and hurried back to his car. As they go off, I look down at my hand, unfolded the paper and it was a note written on it. It read,”We’ll fix this.”

Looking down at the paper as if it were the guy in black’s face, I said “Okay.”


So, why did I write this crazy piece… let’s see, so I don’t have to explain again.

You know those nights when you’re in your bed, you can’t sleep, and your mind just goes all over the place and you just want to do or create something, well…this was one of those nights. I literally just wrote down the first thing that came to my mind and it kinda ran like a screenplay.

I’d recommend you read the story over again and add emotion to the words while thinking about it like a screenplay, it’s pretty funny.

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