How Communication Plays in my life – Personal Communication Reflection

Communication plays a huge part in my life, and that’s just not the every day, “Hi, how are you doing.” With all the different outlets and platforms for communications, YouTube has to be the biggest one for me by far especially considering my consternation is in journalism.

Technology can be a very subjective category when depicting what you define technology as. More specifically, as a technology, video gives me the mass media outlet I need to talk about videogames, the thing’s I’m doing, or whatever I find interesting I want to tell/show the world, and that’s literal. It’s even giving me a form of interpersonal communication when someone leaves a comment saying something nice, a question they might have, or just a suggestion on what I could do better on the next video. We then collect our thoughts and start having a pretty in-depth conversion (sometimes). Video teaches me to act professional even if nobody is watching. The average person has an attention span of approximately 8 seconds, and if I can’t communicate in a verbal or non-verbal way that hooks them, they’re gone.

What I also use in my videos is good editing. What can I communicate when I split an individual scene. How do people feel if I cover the videos with ad’s; then what am I saying about myself from the assumption of the people watching. Maybe I’m greedy or “is he really doing this because he likes making videos or making money.”

I can also look outside of that when the video is done, and I put it out there; I never do anything with it ever again. Did I even care about that video? Do I want people to see it or should I leave a response to a reply I guy just posted on a four-year-old video? These are the type of things I constantly think about when making videos and how I should communicate it. Plus how I can better or evolve the videos for all audiences.

Even with all my experience making videos, graphics, or even posting something online I still have trouble verbally communicating. All my life I’ve had the pleasure of saying “like” and “um” after every sentence. It drives me crazy, and it drives the viewer crazy, too.

So, with this, I’d like to improve my flow of speech when communicating. Making sure I know what I’m talking about and having the space to think and breathe is some of the ways that help me. When making a video, someone could easily turn the video off due to it being so annoying. Nobody likes hearing,” um…um…um,” on repeat. That’s why it’s my biggest struggle in communicating.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had trouble speaking. I even took a class to help me in elementary school. Of course, I improved since then, but it’s always been there in the back of my head waiting to burst out. Something of an inner message overload could be one of the obstacles that affect my speech.

I do write scripts sometimes, and it helps, but when I’m going off the script or just talking off the top of my head, I just can’t talk. For instance, non-verbally someone could think I have no idea what I’m talking about in a video or something may just be wrong with me. The goal is to be the guy that sells pens, a door to door pen salesman. You don’t think you want or need any pens but after he’s done talking you’re going to want to buy his entire stockpile.

Making videos and communication go hand in hand. It’s a form of communication everyone listens to whether that be movies, music videos, or just a simple YouTube video. What matters is how you communicate to keep the retention of the viewer. My solution for my continuous speech problem is slowing down and closing my mouth while I’m thinking of what to say next. It’s an important part of communication and will help me look and speech professionally in the future, verbally and non-verbally.

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