10 All-New Scratch and Sniff Stickers That Should Be a Thing: My 400 Writing Prompts

*Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. Describe the image and smell. 8/400*

1) Bubble Gum


If you don’t know the sweet and juicy taste of bubble gum when chewed for the first 5-minutes by now, I can’t help you.

2) Puppy Dog

When you hold a new puppy dog and smell its fur for the first time, you just get a feeling that everything is going to be alright, … so why not have that feeling every day with this sticker!

3) The Beach

Hot sun, sometimes warm or sometimes freezing water, sea salt in the air, and the ever so slight smell of someone’s skin burning, yep, you’re at the beach!

4) Movie Popcorn (Specifically, Movie Popcorn)

I don’t know about you, but whatever butter they use … it’s melt from pure gold. That’s a smell I can’t help but craving when I’m at the silver screen.

5) Christmas Morning

Cookies, food, fake or real tree, fire, paper, and new STUFF. It’s Christmas baby, and it smells incredible.

6) Spring Time

I would take newborn puppies any day than flowers, one reason, bees suck! However, flowers do smell nice.

7) Fried Onions

Hey! No one said you have to like all of the stickers.


8) Old Leather

If you want to feel like your an old western cowboy, this one is for you. Enjoy the toughness of its scent!

9) Old Books

Aged paper, ink, cover, text, and even a few old dust bunnies and you got your self a treasure of the past. Just walk into an antique store, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

10) Freshly Cut Grass

Some people just like nature a little too much, or cutting their grass for that matter. Did you know some people do it as a hobby? Yeah, no.

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