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Angela’s Stuff

March 14, 2019

Launch Project (6)

The Journey 

Angela Lepore, the owner of Angela’s Stuff, is an Estate Liquidator and Interior Designer from Richmond, Va.

When developing this website with Angela’s chosen platform, Wix, I wanted to give her a seamless experience as she wants to be online; however, she is the sole owner and employee of her business.

With that, she doesn’t have time to learn a new Content Management System, such as WordPress.

Wix was the soundest choice, as it allows her to run the website smoothly, and through the Wix app, she schedules upcoming estate sales and easily connects with her customers.

On the site, they’re photo galleries, a Facebook blog section, upcoming events, contact information, and a brief bio page.

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LeporeMedia is a media service agency, built for the now. We drive businesses, non-profits, families, and individuals into the world to craft and garner attention and culture – bringing heart and hustle, to get brands and people the awareness and professional service they deserve.

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