Letter from the Editor: Celebrating 40 Years

On September 6, 1978 (40 years ago), the Grapurchat became … The Tartan. The name was changed in order to align to the university’s new school colors of white, red, and grey from its original purple and grey.

Since then The Tartan has been through its ups and down and has seen some massive changes whether that be good or bad. With the introduction of new freshman eager to join a club and seniors on the verge of graduating but still needing to build a portfolio, The Tartan has seen a great deal in staff growth and a drive to put out their best work, and it shows when people do.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

With any organization that I am involved in, I will work with anyone who aims high and is willing to try, and that is all I ask for as a peer. I have had a diverse group of students working with me this semester from a fashion design major, foreign exchange students, many majors outside of journalism, and anyone who feels that they have something to say. With so many different people working at The Tartan, it makes it so much more special to share our thoughts to our readers.

Though I know I should not be saying this but, SURPRISE, not every newspaper will be tremendous. Making an impact does not have to always be about some scandal or a recent crime. It could be having a student see themselves in the newspaper, a faculty member seeing a story of an event from the College of Visual & Performing Arts that they’ve helped with, or even brightening your day with a gallery of the dogs at Radford.

The Tartan maybe hitting the sweet 40 years of age but we are not old yet! Here are just some of the new additions we have added to the organization of late:



  • Improving the overall quilty of the layout
  • The contents page
  • The addition of meme of the week
  • Useful infographics and pictures
  • The weekly weather
  • And of course, better journalism

Along with this celebration, it has also been my first year as Editor-in-Chief, and this organization would not be like it is today without the support from my fantastic staff and the faculty at Radford. It has honestly been the best place for learning something new every day and to teach by just doing the work hands-on.

So, as you continue to read this newspaper, please enjoy it as an experience and try to realize that some people might stay up from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. to make this for you. I hope you enjoy, and forward always!

All my best,
Dylan Lepore

Photo Credit: (A lady behind us at a Baseball game)

*This article originally published on The Tartan*

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