Ubisoft opens new studios in Bordeaux and Berlin to Expand Reach and Creative Talent

Originally reported on the Ubisoft blog, the video game giant wants to broaden their horizon and expand their talent. How? Well, they’ve opened two new studios in Bordeaux, France and Berlin, Germany.


With these new studios, they will provide more culture, art, and people ready to make a change in France. At the same time, they’ll be reaching out to Germany with Blue Byte. They’re one of the most established companies in german gaming, specializing in PC strategy games.

Christine Burgess-Quémard, an executive director of Ubisoft’s worldwide studios, said: “We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining the best creative talent around the world, and on establishing video games as a viable career option and economic contributor in new locales.” It’s also there that the Bordeaux studio will be working on Just Dance, Steep, and Ghost Recon. And I would add to that, that Just Dance definitely needs some new talent. Just an observation.

Ubisoft expanding its reach in Europe is going to be terrific for them. And it’ll hopefully result in them opening some new IPs and expanding on other games. Personally, I’d like to see more Divison, Rayman (maybe), and new development on Assassin Creed. As a fan, it’d be much appreciated.

If you’re interested in a job at any of the two studios, then you’ll want to know that they will be hiring. You can check out BlueByte team and job openings locally there at http://jobs.ubisoft.com. For Ubisoft Bordeaux, it’s best to visit their new Facebook page and keep an eye out for job openings at http://jobs.ubisoft.com.

*This article originally published on Brutal Gamer*

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