Please Watch!! State of the Channel + 100 subscriber GIVEAWAY

We finally made it, well almost. We are so close to 100 subscribers that it just puts a smile on my face, so I decide to do a state of the channel video plus a 100 subscriber giveaway.

1) What is it?
– A $15 Amazon gift card
2) How do I get it?
– Make sure you are subscribed to the channel
– Like this video
– Leave a comment down below
3) What happens when I win? (Feel confident, I see) – I will contact you through email, (so check your spam folders if I don’t pop up) – You must have an active YouTube account (you know you have one if you’re able to like or comment)
– You must send me your address so I can send it to you
4) When is it over and how long do I have to respond?
– It will end on New Years Day
– You have 24 hours to respond or I will give it to the next lucky winner
#YouTube #giveaway #videogames #instagood #instasunday #me

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