Nintendo 3DS XL “Galaxy style” in stores this Week

To infinity and beyond 3DS sales go!

With the “announced” Wii NX the 3DS sales just might be going down since reports say that the NX might be portable, hmm. Nintendo of America is keeping it alive (or is it the other way around) by bringing more games and refreshing the style of their handhelds.

You Want this too. I know it.
You Want this too. I know it.

Handhelds always have been a thing with Nintendo. Every handheld has to have a special edition and they pull it off so well, too. I always wanted a Gameboy SP Minish Cap Edition, it looks so cool!! I digress.

President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime announced over Twitter that the Galaxy style new #3DS XL model will be available in stores this week across North America for $200. The post said this:

Out of this world! A new Galaxy style new Nintendo 3DS XL is coming to stores starting this week for $199.99!

Will it boost sales? Do you like the new Galaxy style 3DS? Tell us in the comments down below.

Now that’s playing with power.

*This article originally published on Brutal Gamer*

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