Why Play Video Games

Have you ever wanted to go to a place where you could let go? Where you could be yourself and not worry about anyone but yourself. Where you wanted to go but you just didn’t have the time or money. Well, simple, video games.

Explore Pirates Bay, Madagascar in Uncharted 4. Visit the depths of the ocean in Bioshock’s Rapture or beautiful skies of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. Explore your creative side in Little Big Plant where dreams run wild. Blow up an airplane attached to a gas station, just cause in the game… Just Cause (see what I did there). Fight aliens and win earth back in Destiny or be on the front lines in Call of Duty or Battlefield. And how could I forget about you sports fan out there: MLB, NCAA, NHL, NBA the list really goes on.

Probably got the point now but let’s talk some more. Video games change the way we think, feel, hear, see, move and act. We think differently when we are faced with a problem, we do something we know (human instinct) then it flips us upside down then we have to learn a different more creative way (video games). Feeling is a big one. Like music makes you feel when it hits that right note, books take you to that time and place just like you’re with that person, films create depth in a way that’s more than just a thousand words. But video games gets you there, I mean there-there. You are in the moment seeing, hearing, feeling the brush of your daughter’s hair just lying in your arms dead because of some mean jerk “just following orders” (the last of us). This is real, you are there it gets you and you would just have to play the game for yourself to see that. Oh, and when you do you won’t forget that feeling, trust me I know.

Being into video gadownloadmes is okay, it’s the twenty-first-century. Nerds don’t exist! Only gamers and their passion for moving forward and to create, be creative, be themselves. Everyone plays even if they don’t think or consider it. Solitaire, Angry Birds, Facebook games if you will, heck I’d consider playing with your calculator is good enough for me. The fact you can type 5318008 (do it) and see what you and other people get…..it’s amazing.

We need this (Not like a drug, or addiction) like a feeling and release from all the bull crap you suck up every day and simply sit down and just play. Play that it! With or without friends or family. Now grab that cape, hammer, torch, or whatever you can make out of your backpack and take the plunge to the best and probably your happiest decision you have ever made. Play.

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