Are Video Games a Form of Art

I just heard Penn Jillette talking about why video games are the 21st-century of art and it got me thinking are the video an art form. Why won’t they be art? The creators are expressing themselves through the game in the best way they can. It tells us story’s of happiness, sadness, revenge, betrayal, or just for a laugh “the cake is a lie”, one of my favorite lines. I just finished playing Firewatch and my god that it one good game. The art and sound design is just something you got to experience for yourself. That moment when the music hits when you are coming up to an important part of the game, I just get them “feels” you know. To experience this form of art it really the best way to experience art. I feel that you can’t get as an interactive experience reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a movie. Take the last of us for example, a big company making a brand to I.P., it’s scary but at the end, it was worth it. I was tearing up at multiple parts in the game. What other games have you played that have made you tear up or just feel horribly sad? It’s crazy to think that could happen with a video game but it does and it’s incredible. But not all video games are art (you can count them but really) some are just cash grabs. Releasing a game they didn’t put much effort it too just to make a quick buck. I’m not saying all but most mobile games are know to be those types of games. There are also games on consoles and another mobile device(DS,3DS, PSP, PSVita,etc.) to sell or promote little kids toys excluding Lego games. Also, there are x rated games but you already know why…. So are video games an art form of the 21 century or are they just something to pass the time. It’s up to you to continue this discussion. I’d like to hear what you guys think. And with that have a great day.

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