Resume (2020)

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About Me

Dylan Lepore is a freelancer living in Richmond, Va, working with multiple small businesses and non-profit organizations across the world. He is currently the acting Editor-in-Chief of Radford University’s Student-run newspaper, The Tartan – which he had led the redesign and relaunch of the newspaper’s organization. He enjoys the hustle of helping grow bossiness and is an avid and quick learner.


  1. Adobe Suite
  2. Creativity
  3. Direct, Honest, Confident, &
    Always Positive
  4. Editing
  5. Entrepreneurial
  6. Journalism
  7. Leadership
  8. Managing Finances
  9. Meeting Deadlines
  10. Photography
  11. Podcasting
  12. Social Media
  13. Web & Print Design
  14. Working with What I Got


The Part-Time Gamer • Independent Business Owner • Aug 2013 – Present

The Part-Time Gamer, starting in 2013, means: though videogames are my passion, it takes a lot more than playing games to achieve my aspirations.

I have served in multiple roles as a freelance writer, photographer, consultant, and web designer for The Tartan, Brutal Gamer, The Indie Game Website, Hampton National Historic Site, DragonFly Games, Highlander Student Media (HSM), Angela’s Stuff, and HC GamerLife, to name a few.

I have created a YouTube channel with over 60,000 views covering videogames and two weekly podcasts: the Monday Morning Playstation Podcast and the Thursday Afternoon Games Chat.

Amongst other things:

  • I’ve written 100+ articles on videogames, entrepreneurship, money, movies, freelancing, and more.
  • I’ve consulted with clients on leadership, web design, SEO, writing, ideas, managing, creating, work ethic, photography, and money.
  • I’ve built several websites using web builders such as WordPress, Wix, and Webflow.
  • I’ve worked with clients on capturing photos for events, lifestyle, portraits, wildlife, graduation, and black & whites.
  • I’ve interviewed people from Jeffrey Farber, owner of 1up Forge, to Garry Schyman, the composer of BioShock.

Everything I have created has taken years of practice, learning, re-learning, testing, building, creating, and implementing within my business and how I run my life.

My business is all about being apart of today’s ever-changing world through websites, writing copy, photography, videos, podcasting, design, and also knowing how to handle the back end.

I am personal with my clients and always attempt to create a trusting relationship where we both are happy with the end product.

Editor-In-Chief • The Tartan • Dec 2017 – Present

I took the role of Editor-in-Chief of The Tartan as its first-ever freshman back in December 2017 when the paper was at its lowest point.

I had a newspaper that needed to be resurrected, a website professors were embarrassed to show to others, virtually non-existent presence online, zero staff members, no plan on how a newspaper ran, and people asking me questions which I couldn’t answer … yet.

The Resurrection of The Tartan:

  • Designed 46+ published newspapers
  • Complete overhaul of the design of the newspaper and the organization with national awareness
  • Increased The Tartan from 7 newsstands, with a circulation of 1,500 papers, to 35 current stands, with the same circulation, around the Radford campus
  • Established a staff of over 20+ volunteers
  • Garnered 160,000+ views since the reconstruction of using WordPress as my CMS.
  • Created a Tartan Training Center to help members become better journalists, photographers, and/or designers, and made The Tartan Handbook.
  • Created 24 different roles within The Tartan, such as writers, editors, designers, comic artiest, joke writer, weather correspondent, photographers, and more.
  • Created a weekly schedule of operations and host two short meetings a week for ideas and workshops.
  • Mapped out the delivery pattern, how many newspapers each rack gets, and made a Google map displaying each location
  • Introduced the communication software Slack to the organization, which has shown astonishing results.

While at The Tartan, it seemed I was less a full-time student at Radford and more a full-time Editor-in-Chief.

I took my entrepreneurship skills from my business, The Part-Time Gamer, and applied those same talents to The Tartan, which has transformed how The Tartan newspaper is operated in the back end, front end, and even the experience as a reader.

I would have one-on-one meetings with new and old staff weekly to introduce them to The Tartan, help them with their work, guide them to the right path, technical support, or simply give them advice.

I’m living on campus my entire time during college, so I am available for my staff 24/7; however, I push my team just enough so they could gradually build their skills, be independent, and enjoy what they do at The Tartan.

The goal is to make The Tartan be a real newspaper and not “just like a real newspaper.”

With the other branches of Highlander Student Media, we went on trips to speak at CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention in New York on ‘Building Bridges, Not Silos’ in Student Media, and at Radford University’s Virginia Association of Communication Arts & Sciences: Redrawing Boundaries on ‘Using Students in Media to Redefine Perspectives of Communication Boundaries.’

Student Media Lab Tech Manager • Highlander Student Media • Aug 2019 – Present

One good thing about growing up in 98′ is that technology was just starting to form into what we now have today.

I have always been great with using and fixing new and old technology, whether that be a game system, computer, application, or gadget.

The role of the Student Media Lab Tech Manager required me to have an in-depth sense of how technology works or at least know where I could find answers.

Things I did:

  • I created and kept an inventory of over 300 items such as cameras, camera gear, lighting equipment, audio equipment, and a lot of cables.
  • I had to know, learn, and be able to explain how different technologies worked like a PC v. Mac, cameras, printers, fax machines, applications, and other gadgets.
  • I created and organized a system of how Highlander Student Media stores and lends out equipment.

My motto is: If I don’t know the answer, Google It.

Photographer • The Tartan • Dec 2017 – Present

Staff Writer • The Tartan • Sep 2017 – Present

Communication & Social Media Assistant • The Center for Career & Talent Development at Radford University • Sep 2017 – May 2018

I started working here in my first semester at Radford University wanting to start off getting a job that will advance me in my chosen career path.

Things I did:

  • I created and managed the Radford University Center for Career & Talent Development Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • I monitored the front desk and organized the Career Closet for students to grab free business professional attire.
  • I designed and creating advertisements for upcoming career fairs
  • I also was the photographer at events, such as JumpStart, to take event photos and headshots for students.


Media Studies, B.S., Journalism/Entrepreneurship & Cinematic Arts Minor • Radford University

Overall GPA 3.751 | Major GPA 3.840
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Balanced Man Scholarship
  • Outstanding Sophomore in Media Studies of the Year
  • Outstanding Junior in Media Studies of the Year
  • Blake Edward Fought Student Media Scholarship
  • Cap Kehs and Ted McKosky, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Cinematic Arts
  • Dean’s List 5x
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • The Tartan’s Staff’s Choice of the Year
  • The Tartan’s Web Designer of the Year

Licenses & Certifications

Level Pro for Successful Completion of WordPress Certification Center

Issuing Organization:
Issue Date: February 2020 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 26057
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Successful Completion of Elementor Certification Center

Issuing Organization:
Issue Date: February 2020 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 10313219
View PDF

Successful Completion of WordPress Certification Center

Issuing Organization:
Issue Date: February 2020 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 10312802
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Vice President of Social Media • The National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Radford University • Oct 2018 – Present

I joined NSCS to help give back to the community through food drives, games nights, cleaning up the campus and city, and assisting fellow students in the Radford community.

As VP of Socal Media, I am in charge of posting to all of our media platforms Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school year. I have designed my tri-weekly posts with inspiring, blunt, honest, and helpful quotes to excite and motivate the students, faculty, and staff at Radford University. I include pictures of events and functions we are active in or attended as well.

I also have updated all platforms with modern looks, logos, designs, and SEO to make the NSCS a staple organization at Radford.

Volunteer • Backpacks For The Homeless/ RVA • Sep 2016 – Present

Packing backpacks for the homeless, Delivering backpacks to the homeless, Speaking to organizations about the program, Working directly with the homeless to meet their needs.

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