Why We Play First-person vs Why We Play Third Person Games

The first-person viewpoint is the way we see and hear things, just like we’re actually there. We are the soldiers in the midst of battle. We are the peace of mind, the decision maker that kills or saves lives. The vision of a passing soul that is just trying to find its way.

The first-person viewpoint is easily the most real and fully interactive way of playing games, but there is also VR ( but that’s a different topic for another time) ranging from Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Dishonored and even Ether (which is a must play by the way). These games are great at one thing that is immersion. The way the game sets up the world to convey a sense of realism; it’s really something when you get to explore this world for yourself. The first-person viewpoint has to easily be the best way to play……..or is it?

The third-person viewpoint is like watching a really great multi-genre movie. From freaking Batman to Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed to The Witcher and even Dead Space. I mean it really is like watching a movie. Playing the Mass Effect Trilogy for the first time was truly something that everyone must do. It takes you to a world never-before-seen in anything else (definitely one of the best experiences of my life is playing that game). Planning and crafting in The Last of Us are something to be scared of because and quite frankly you are pretty scared of that world. You almost feel like you’re this person, but it’s them you’re watching. You’re just replaying a part of their life.


See, third and first-person are weird because sometimes you’re like “wouldn’t this game be better in the third-person” and the other person (which is playing a third-person game) says “wouldn’t this be better in the first-person”. So imagine playing a racing game. Now I love playing in first-person in racing games, whether that be behind the wheel or on the hood, it doesn’t really matter. But the moments where first-person is just not working because too many cars are in the way. You just can switch to third with just a press of a button in those types of games.

Some games do a good job at this but not as seamless as racing games but they do it none the less. For example Destiny, Halo and Skyrim. Being an in-betweener is ok there’s just not that many games sadly.


Okay, guys, I would love to hear which view do you love the best or are you an in-betweener? Also, my examples of games are just some of what you can expect to me in those genres, like Bioshock and Fable.

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